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Blik Bio Pure Beef

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Herrmann's Organic beef pure meat

Composition: 100 % organic beef (65 % muscle meat, 25 % heart, 10 % lung), cooked in their own juice.

When choosing the austerity package, you save 5% on the same amount as the end customer.

Note for allergy sufferers: Without gluten, without lactose and without cereals.

Feeding recommendation per day:
Dog: from 2nd month: about 2-5 % of body weight*- depending on age and stage of life!
Cat: from 2nd month: about 3-5 % of body weight* - depending on age and stage of life!
* You decide for yourself the perfect mix for your animal with the other creative mix ingredients such as vegetables or flakes.


on their age and stage of life, dogs and cats have a different need for

energy and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus.